Spanish expert soccer midfielder Lee Kang-in (19), needs to sort out his nine-year relationship with Valencia CF. Trust in the club has vanished.

As indicated by a report by Sociedad Espanyola Deradiodifushion on the seventeenth (Korea time), the player stated, “I brought mentor Albert Celades(45) to bring issues to light by giving more chances to Lee Kang-in, however the genuine time for the full-time Marcellino ( 55) I was more as a chief. The voice of saying that it will be increasingly significant for the following season has been in it.”

‘Sociedad Espanyola Deradiodiffusion’, truncated as’Cadena Ser’, is one of the significant radio broadcasts in the Spanish-talking world. “Valencia told Lee Kang-in,’In the 2020-21 season, we can settle more than now. Around then, I persuaded you that you are the middle, however it is a story that doesn’t go to the player any longer.

Lee Kang-in played 12 games under Marcelino’s 2018-2019 and 19 games during the 2019- – 2020 Celades mentor.

Nonetheless, Lee Gang-in’s time per game was 42.3 minutes in the hour of Marcelino’s administrator, 1.42 occasions more than 29.7 minutes at the hour of the Celades Command Tower.

As per the exchange advertise specialist’Transfer Markt’, the 2019-20 French League first fifth OGC Nice is intrigued. Lee Kang-in has been perceived as a promising worldwide pioneer by winning the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup Golden Ball.

Yoo Hee-gwan (34, Doosan), who permitted a grand slam after four matches of MK Sports Lee Sang-cheol . By this one room, the delight of bear and tiger were blended. Hee-Kwan Yoo’s 6th consecutive streak in KIA additionally took a break.

On the seventeenth, Yoo Hee-gwan began the KBO League Gwangju KIA and scored 6 runs, 8 hits, 1 p. grand slam, 2 strolls, 3 strikeouts, and 4 runs (3 ERAs).

The fifth quality beginning of the period. The normal ERA fell marginally from 4.97 to 4.93. Nonetheless, Doosan lost 2-4 to the KIA, making Yoo Hee-gwan a washout. Fourth in the season (6 successes). What’s more, he scored multiple runs in 5 successive games since June 25 at SK Literature.

Yu Hee-Kwan’s sixth dash of KIA matches finished. The KIA rout was just 817 days after the Jamsil game on April 22, 2018, with six runs in three innings.

Truth be told, Yu Hee-gwan was a tiger tracker. Since the Jamsil game on September 5, 2018, he has dominated 6 sequential matches against the KIA. The current year’s KIA execution was likewise 2 games, 2 successes and a normal ERA of 1.50.

Be that as it may, it was insufficient to curb the hot KIA batting normal with a normal of 6.1 focuses per game in July. Yoo Hee-gwan played a tight pitching match with Aaron Brooks until the finish of the second with just one hit. In any case, it started to shake from the finish of the third.

Yoo Hee-gwan, who was hit by an a respectable halfway point against Park Chan-ho, permitted Preston Tucker a first-run and twofold run from the outset and third bases, driven by Kim Gyu-sung’s penance hit and Lee Chang-jin’s walk. In the wake of sending Choi Hyung-charm to the purposeful fourth area, he drove Na Ji-wan and Yoo Min-sang as a guard to maintain a strategic distance from mass runs.

Yu Hee-Kwan’s runs have kept on expanding. Toward the finish of the fourth, at the a respectable starting point of Musa, Baek Yong-hwan hit Yoo Hee-gwan’s switch up and set off a two-point grand slam (season 4) that crossed the outfield fence. It is just 45 days since the Gwangju game (2 focuses in Najiwan) on April 19, 2019 that Yu Hee-gwan recorded a grand slam in the KIA coordinate.

He lost toward the finish of the fifth. Choi Hyung-charm’s hit and Naji-wan’s twofold were blown after one organization. The catcher Park Se-hyuk missed the second baseman Jae-won Oh, and Choi Hyung-charm, who didn’t miss the hole, stepped on the home. Choi Hyung-charm’s KBO League profession was his eighteenth 1000 focuses. Notwithstanding, it was recorded as Yu Hee-gwan’s visa book shop.

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