Kwang-hyun of St. Louis Cardinals, who encountered the guidelines of the game in the pitching of MK Sports (Arlington, USA) reporter Kim Jae-ho, shared his contemplations.

Kwang-Hyun Kim began on the seventeenth (henceforth in Korea Time) at the Bush Stadium as a beginning group pitcher and scored 5 innings, 1 hit, 2 strolls, 5 strikeouts. The absolute number of pitches is 69.

On this day, Cheongbaekjeon was played in 5 innings, and the last 5 games were played under the supposition of additional time. Significant alliances will be acquainted with the 10-game punishment to diminish the utilization of hills because of this current season’s all-encompassing game. The player who made the last assault in the past inning advances to the a respectable halfway point and starts the inning.

Partner Junior Fernandez, who previously showed up in the hill as a home pitcher, couldn’t adjust. Toward the beginning, he permitted to progress to an a respectable halfway point regulation blunder, and accordingly permitted four hits and four strolls in succession.

Following that, Kim Kwang-hyun, who was on the hill, was nearly shaken. The principal player, Andrew Kisner, was sent to the walk and was in first and second bases. The following hitter drove a shortstop ground ball against Harrison Vader, got the jug and changed the state of mind and finished the game with no score.

At the point when he previously encountered the game, he admitted to the ungainliness of the changed standard in a meeting subsequent to completing his vocation, saying “It’s badly arranged”. “There is one sprinter and there is a major distinction. It is awkward that I can’t begin the windup,” he said.

In any case, he stated, “I believe it’s simpler to consider giving a score.” “It was a circumstance in which the group scored ahead. It might contrast contingent upon the score distinction, the home, and whether the group scored, but since it gave a great deal of focuses, the subsequent sprinter thought to give a score and tossed it,” he clarified.

The first round of the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Memorial Tournament on the seventeenth (Korea time) was held at Muirfield Village Golf Course Hall 1 in Dublin, Ohio, USA (standard 4,473 yards).

Beginning with opening 10, Bryson Dymbo (USA) shot a tee took shots at an extraordinary speed in his tenth gap, as though he were simply thinking. End of the week golf players struck the space 5.5-degree driver, which is hard to lift, and the ball halted long subsequent to flying through the air and halted at 423 yards. Jack Nicklaus (USA), who planned the fairway, conveyed three huge shelters at 300 to 330 yards to forestall this assault, yet it was no obstacle to Dimbo. From the ball that skiped the fortification over to the pin, 46 yards remained, and Dichetbo messed with the birdie.

He likewise had a 427-yard extra since a long time ago took shots at the Travelers Championship a month ago, yet around then, he additionally followed’Help’ to hit the truck street. The 423 yards hit by Dijonbo this day is the fourth-biggest PGA in the season. Tiger Woods (USA), who played the game five months after the arrival, made a second effort a couple of hours after the fact, leaving 144 yards from the gap. The separation among Dimbo and Woods was 98 yards. Dijonbo hit 407 yards before Hall 17 in standard 4. The main player who crossed the 400 yards on that day was Dimbo.

In any case, Dijonbo had the option to get just 2 amigos on the day and submitted 3 perspectives and remained in the 42nd spot with 1 over standard 73 strokes. At any rate during the current day, Dijonbo’s driver shot was just a show. It’s where you can drop the cut in the event that you commit a couple of errors in the second round. The emergency has come to Dichompo of Pajujise, who has been in the’Top 10′ streak for seven back to back rivalries.

Woods, then again, wasn’t intrigued, yet began. Woods, who took 4 pals and made 3 perspectives, hit 71 under standard, positioned eighteenth in the tie. It is a five-time distinction from Tony Pinau (USA), who started to lead the pack with six under standard 66.

“It wasn’t equivalent to it was on the grounds that there were no fans, so the vitality was unique. It was unquestionably unique,” said Woods, who declared the arrival of a terrible game regardless of being the primary onlooker. Be that as it may, he stated, “I feel better and in general, I think it was a decent beginning.” “I felt a similar enthusiasm and pressure as in the past,” he said. Woods’ interest in the PGA Tour rivalry is just five months after the Genesis Invitational in February. Sam Snead’s PGA Most Wins (82 successes) and tie record a year ago at the Jojo Championships, Woods currently composes another history with only one more win.

Among the world rankings’Top 5’who took an interest in this competition, second spot Jon Ram (Spain) was the most noteworthy with 3 under standard 69 strokes and fifth spot. World positioning No. 1 Laurie McKillroy (Northern Ireland) started her first day with a second under standard 70 and eighth.

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