LG Twins Chan-kyu Lim drove the group to win with a season 5 win.

Chan-gyu Lim began as a starter at the 2020 KBO League Hanwha Eagles held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the seventeenth and tossed 93 balls in 6 innings to hit out with 2 hits, 2 strolls and 5 strikeouts. The most extreme speed of the Foursim Passball is 143 km. On this day, LG won 8–0, and Lim Chan-gyu took the fifth win (3 misfortunes).

It was an ideal pitch against Hanwha.

It was acceptable from the beginning. Chan-gyu Lim, who got the primary hitter Lee Yong-gyu as a left-gave hitter, made Kang-youthful and Kim Tae-gyun each second baseman, making a three-way inning. In the subsequent inning, Choi proceeded with his third inning by rewarding left-gave hitters, left-hander Ha Joo-seok as shortstop, and Kim Ji-soo as strikeouts.

At that point the group hitter scored two focuses toward the finish of the second to help Chan’s shoulders. Chan-gyu Lim likewise confronted an emergency toward the start of the third inning, yet was vivacious. Chan-gyu Lim, who started to lead the pack player, Jong-chan Lim, hit out with a twofold in the left field against Choi Jae-hoon. In any case, follow-up hitter Jung Eun-won was a shortstop ground ball, and in the second and third bases, Lee Yong-gyu went to a correct defender.

Im Chan-kyu, who held the lead in the third point with Oh Ji-hwan’s grand slam, turned Kang Kyung-hak, the lead hitter, to strikeout. From that point onward, Kim Tae-gyun and Choi Jin-haeng were permitted to stroll in succession, yet Ha Joo-suk and Kim Ji-soo were the two strikeouts. Three out excludes struck.

In the wake of hitting Jeong Eun-won after the second inning of the fifth inning, Chan-gyu Lim, who was forestalled with no objective, made the third inning of the third three-day offense by managing all rival focused batting drives prompting Kanggyeonghak-Kim Tae-gyun-Choi Jin-goongAt the finish of the fifth, adding 4 focuses to Oh Ji-hwan and Lee Hyung-jong’s two-run grand slam, Chan-gyu Lim had more space. From the seventh, the crucial finished by passing the hill to Jinhaesoo.

Following Jin Hae-soo, Lee Woo-chan and Choi Dong-hwan proceeded with a zero-point hand-off. In the ninth, Choi Seong-hoon was established and pitched.

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